EBE TECHNOLOGY (Encapsulating Buffer Emulsion)

The papain, Brix 3000 main component, is bio-encapsulated by using the innovative and exclusive E.B.E. Technology (Encapsulating Buffer Emulsion), which immobilises the gel and confers it stability increasing the enzymatic activity of the product exponentially with respect to current technology.

Reasons for using papain for caries removal

Since the chemo-mechanical caries removal method was introduced in 1975, numerous studies have been conducted to perfect this technique. The difficulties of using old systems required the acquisition of specific tools, which increased their market value preventing their applications in a massive scale, making chemo- mechanical caries removal into a privilege for the few.

Enzymatic Activity

Enzymes are molecules of a protein and structural nature which catalyse chemical reactions if they are thermodynamically possible: an enzyme makes a chemical reaction that is energetically possible (see Gibbs Free Energy) but that proceeds at a very low speed become kinetically favourable, i.e., making it proceed faster than in the absence of the enzyme.