Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission
To develop, create, innovate and supply medicinal specialties and our medical products to professionals throughout our country and the world, making all our resources, technology and scientific developments available to promote health and quality of life for the population in general regardless of classes.

Our Vision
Our leadership as a company emerges from our research work, commitment and capacity to innovate, research and develop scientific solutions and products always bearing in mind the professionals´ needs to improve their patients´ health and quality of life.

Our Values
Scientific research and our professional team are our main Values. We understand that health care and quality of life are factors of the utmost importance. We offer our human, scientific and technological resources based on social equality, transparency and quality of each and every one of the processes involving the development of our products. Our commitment to society, to professionals´ and patients´ satisfaction, to promote health care and quality of life constitute our raison d'être.