EBE TECHNOLOGY (Encapsulating Buffer Emulsion)

The papain, Brix 3000 main component, is bio-encapsulated by using the innovative and exclusive E.B.E. Technology (Encapsulating Buffer Emulsion), which immobilises the gel and confers it stability increasing the enzymatic activity of the product exponentially with respect to current technology.

This and other characteristics, added to the fact that its concentration is 3000 U/mg, make Brix 3000 into a unique and innovative medical product in the world, created and patented worldwide by Brix SRL

E.B.E. Technology, exclusive property of Brix Medical Science, provides the gel with the optimum pH to immobilise the enzyme and free it at the moment of exerting proteolysis in collagen, increasing its activity by a 50% to 60%.

Therefore, the following is achieved: high proteolytic effectiveness on the necrotic tissue to remove the collagen fibres in the carious tissue, less dissolution of active principle by oral fluids, greater resistance to storage even in unfavourable conditions without requiring cold-chain preservation, and greater antibacterial and antifungal potency with an increase in its powerful antiseptic effect on tissue.

Additionally, Brix 3000 is an innocuous gel, 100% devoid of toxicity, which means it does not provoke any type of reactions when it comes into contact with healthy tissue: tongue, gums, healthy dentin, skin, not even when ingested. Trials on dermal irritation were performed in case it came into contact with healthy tissue or eyes.

The trials mentioned above showed that it does not provoke damage due to the selective action of the gel, i.e., it only acts on necrotic tissue and loses its enzymatic capacity when it comes into contact with healthy tissue.

For a long period of research, we studied the behaviour of Brix 3000 in 2,163 patients ranging in age from 6 to 17 and from 35 to 70 with diverse types of caries and advance of the infectious process.

After this study and the monitoring of the patients treated for a period of time, we can state that 89% of them said they had not suffered any pain during treatment and, when the dental pieces were exposed to the caries detector, none showed a positive result, i.e., caries had been removed completely.

Brix 3000 and E.B.E. Technology national and international patents, registrations and clearances are exclusive property of Brix SRL Laboratory.